Using Animal Repellent May Ensure Tulips Bloom

The Detroit News / Homestyle / Gardening -Nancy Szerlag- September 09, 2011 It’s getting harder and harder to find spring flowering bulbs these days. It’s because wild animals’ damage has discouraged gardeners from planting them.Here are some tips from the pros to help keep critters at bay, so use these techniques and plant away. To… View Article

Deer Prepare for Annual Spring Banquet

April 5, 2002 – Plantskydd Press Release Just when you were beginning to wonder if the gray drizzle would last forever, the sun breaks through, the lilac buds begin to swell and the bud nodes on your rose bush start to show potential. It’s that time of year. All around the country excitement is stirring… View Article

The Coeur d’Alene Press / North Idaho News Network

Sunday, August 4, 2002 by Dick Rifkind, The Gabby Gardener “…We’re also approaching the deer marauding season, not that it’s not year round. But it’s always worse in the fall and winter. In another month be sure you have trunk protectors in place to protect against horn damage and, later on, frost checking. In the… View Article

Deer Continue To Be a Problem For Gardeners and Growers Throughout the Country

Natural Product Repels Deer By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, Co-author of The Indiana Gardener’s Guide Published: August 31, 2002 – IndyStar, Indianapolis, IN Deer continue to be a problem for gardeners and growers throughout the country, but a new product promises to repel the creatures while feeding the plants. Called Plantskydd, the product is 100… View Article

Tree Talk, Georgia Christmas Tree Association Publication

November 2002 Rob Petry Georgia Christmas Tree Association Member “I try to raise Christmas Trees on the border of Heard and Troup Counties (Georgia). Both have high populations of Whitetail Deer who have developed a taste for Virginia Pine seedlings and Leyland Cypress. Although our hunting club harvests a good number of deer there are… View Article

Plantskydd In The News

“….Lots of Alaskans swear by Plantskydd.” JEFF LOWENFELS GARDENING (Published: August 28, 2003 – Anchorage Daily News) I live in an area frequented by moose. The idea of putting in a normal vegetable garden or a serious fruit tree collection in our yard would entail elaborate fencing well beyond my desires. This summer, however, there have… View Article

Deer Resistant Plants and Deterrents Minimize Damage

Billings Gazette, Montana, U.S.A. Sunday, October 26, 2003 By Rita M. Brehm For the Billings Gazette Deer in the city limits and outlying new developments present an increasing challenge to the gardener.  Initial selection of landscape and garden plants that are more resistant to deer, may provide the best remedy to deer damage, Jim Knight,… View Article

Invasive Nutria Nuke Native Vegetation and Watersheds

Watershed Press Release – Salem Keizer Watershed Councils April 2, 2004 Bob Roth – Salem Keizer Watershed Coordinator Expanding nutria colonies threaten watershed health and restoration efforts by overgrazing native vegetation and increasing stream bank erosion. Salem area watershed groups are responding to this threat while increasing their financial stability. Nutria are semi-aquatic rodents native… View Article

“Giving your best to potted plants (and your worst to bunnies)”

By Mary Reedy, Sugar Creek Gardens Published: Saturday, Jun. 19 2004 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch Q. Help! This must be the worst year for rabbits; nothing seems to work. Do you know of any product that really works? Please hurry before my garden is all gone! – Susan in St. Louis A. Susan, it does… View Article

The Avant Gardener – Newsletter – June 2004 (published since 1968)

By Thomas Powell, P.O. Box 489 New York, NY 10023 A REPELLENT FOR DEER AND RABBITS — and elks and moose, if any frequent your garden — is the new Plantskydd, developed in Sweden and a totally natural product that does not need to be re-applied for months; available here through 1-800-252-6051 .