Deer Control Devices & repellents help keep the deer away

Devices, repellents help keep the deer away Detroit News – Online – News Date: 11/13/2009 Deer hunting season is upon us, but those of us living in southern Michigan will not get much respite from deer damage to our landscape plants. Because 90 percent of the land in southern Michigan is privately owned and more densely populated, the… View Article

Plantskydd In The NEWS

“If what Bill at advised was correct, lots of money and young trees would be saved.” Sunday, April 18, 2010 THE DAILY JEFFERSONIAN MIDDLE EARTH AT MIDDLE AGE Naked Hills Experts make all the difference. And thanks to the experts, 1,825 trees were planted in less than two days on two of my hills timbered… View Article

Plantskydd In The NEWS

Moose-proofing and other last-minute winter yard prep Published: October 27th, 2010 Jeff Lowenfels ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS – GARDENING …….. All gardeners know the problem with moose this time of year. You want to make them go to your neighbors’ yards and keep them out of yours. If you haven’t fixed things up so that they stay… View Article

Deer Proof Garden – Rabbit Proof Garden

Plantskydd! The only deer and rabbit repellent recommended by Peter Derano, author of, “Creating a Deer and Rabbit Proof Garden”.   “Most deer repellent sprays have a 30-40% success ratio, on rabbits, in my experience. Recently, there have been some repellents made that are both deer and rabbit repellent. You will also find “rabbit only”,… View Article

Gardening: Wacky weather sends wrong signals to plants

Gardening: Wacky weather sends wrong signals to plants Nancy Szerlag, Special to The Detroit News     December 31, 2015 The leaves of spring blooming bulbs are emerging in many gardens thanks to the unseasonably warm winter weather. That’s not unusual and it shouldn’t keep the bulbs from flowering in spring, although they may bloom a week… View Article