About Tree World

For over 30 years, Tree World has been a family-first company. We are committed in creating earth-friendly plant protection products to help preserve the planet for future generations.

The company operates on the triple bottom line of:

Social Responsibility — Environmental Sustainability — Financial Viability


Tree World Plant Care Products Inc incorporated in 1988. Our early focus was providing corporate clients with tree seedlings used in sales and marketing promotions.


Plantskydd® Animal Repellents—have been tried, tested and true since 1992. Originally created in Sweden—where its name means ‘plant protection’—it is now made in the USA and has received wide market acceptance at thousands of retail outlets in the USA and Canada.


Today, Tree World is focused exclusively on providing plant protection solutions to customers experiencing animal damage to their: gardens, crops, nurseries, woodlots, tree plantations and riparian areas.


Tree World is the manufacturer and exclusive Primary Agent for:

Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, New Zealand and the United States.


Claude in 1985 with daughter Alaya holding a copy of: Silviculture – Journal of the New Forest.

Claude P. Boisvert, a former tree planter, reforestation contractor and commercial fisherman, incorporated Earth-Net Communications (1985). The company launched Silviculture—Journal of The New Forest, North America’s first 4 colour magazine devoted exclusively to reforestation.

In 1991, he was instrumental in organizing The First National Silviculture Conference, held in Vancouver, Canada — and host to over 460 delegates and speakers from around the world.

Tree World president Claude Boisvert at 2006 tradeshow with Plantskydd Animal Repellents

Claude in 2006 promoting Plantskydd Animal Repellents

Claude’s current job, as president of Tree World Plant Care Products, is to provide his staff with the resources they require to serve Tree World’s customers with the information and products they need to protect their silviculture, food crop, and garden-landscape investments—in an environmentally, planet friendly way.

Alaya Boisvert

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: working with my dad and fulfilling on a vision of something much greater than ourselves.

A beloved place in nature is Chapman Creek. No matter the season, it is always a place I can go to find solace and quiet my mind.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ―Arundhati Roy

Allan Alford

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: the fact that we are helping to beautify people’s environments, helping farmers to provide food and helping in reforestation to create a greener planet.

A beloved place in nature: Thormanby Island, BC.

“See it and believe it!”

Emily Kennedy

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: how the environment is constantly a topic of conversation. Our workplace is full of inspiring people that truly enjoy being in nature and are passionate about finding ways to protect it.

Trout Lake in North Bay ON is a beloved place outdoors. My grandparents lived on the lake and my entire extended family spent many years swimming, boating and camping in the summer and sledding and skating in the winter. I have so many great memories there and count myself lucky to have been able to grow up in that environment. Best part was hearing the loons at dusk.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ―Oscar Wilde

Maureen Lupini

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: our priority is to “protect”…knowing that I am now contributing to a better environment for my grandkids makes me really feel good.

A beloved place in nature is the snow and the forest…the peace and tranquility and beauty is such food for my soul.

“Allow yourself to dream…real big if need be. Stay positive no matter what. Love and be loved.” ―Maureen Lupini

Randy Johnston

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: as a company our carbon footprint is low, and we are turning waste into a product that helps gardens & crops grow by protecting them from critters!

I treasure going for a run or walk along the seawall in Vancouver, BC.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ―Lao-Tzu

Richard Getzkow

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: our work involves ecological relationships: allows the co-existance of wildlife and desireable plants.  Non lethal control, not harmful to anything including insects.

Top of a mountain is my beloved place in nature.  Camping, hiking, fishing as a child led to a love of mountaineering & nature observation.

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”  ―Richard Getzkow

Sarah White

One thing I love about working for a company like Tree World is: Providing a solution for others to enjoy their gardens and landscapes. Saving crops and millions of newly planted seedlings each year. I look forward to every growing season and hearing the countless customer reports of Plantskydd working when other repellents did not.

During the slow time my other passion is to travel, I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to take long periods of time to experience the beauty of our world.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” ―Sonia Ricotti

In-Kind Contributions

Tree World actively supports Gardening Clubs, Master Gardeners and sponsored events in the United States and Canada—providing FREE Plantskydd samples for use in raffles, door prizes and conservation efforts.

To find out more, contact info@treeworld.com

Giving practices

Tree World is proud to be a corporate donor to WaterAid, the leading global charitable foundation focused exclusively on improving poor people’s access to safe water, and improved hygiene and sanitation in developing communities in need—especially in Africa.

“Tree World Plant Care Products Inc., has been a valued corporate partner of WaterAid Canada since 2003.

As our most generous monthly supporter, Tree World has contributed more than $154,000 in support of WaterAid’s clean water and sanitation programs around the world.”


Mission Statement

Mission statement

To be thoughtful leaders in green growing, to always be thinking of the future and the pursuit of innovation and to connect people to the joy of nature, all while remembering our roots as a family business.

Operating values

  1. We are committed to honouring the integrity, opinions and skills of our employees as we strive to inspire and connect people to nature – including gardens, fields and forests.
  2. We will provide a safe, respectful and positive working environment so that all who work with us will feel comfortable, confident and inspired.
  3. We will operate as a Team so that everyone wins.
  4. We will encourage all of our employees to treat everyone – customers, vendors and co-workers alike – with dignity and decency.
  5. We will support all employees in sincerely providing the best information to our customers even when the best recommendation is not one of our products.
  6. We will encourage all employees to engage in open dialogue to foster new ideas and concepts.
  7. We will remind each other that there is no such thing as a dumb question.
  8. We will grow responsibly by regularly and comprehensively reviewing our processes and procedures to improve our business model, achieve sustainable practices and more effectively meet our customer’s needs.
  9. We will remain humble and caring as we continue to grow and evolve.
  10. We will make promises that we will keep, and we will get tasks completed accurately and on time.
  11. We will stress the importance of a healthy work-life balance, and encourage all employees to value their quality of life, while remembering to find fun in life wherever and whenever possible.
  12. We will advocate for a greener, healthier world for all wherever and whenever appropriate.


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