Marketing Support

Plantskydd Repellent

  • PR Communication with key members of the Garden Writers Association of America.
  • Free sample door-prize promotions for Master Gardener events.
  • Conferences, Industry Trade Shows, and Garden Club Event participation.

Muti-market Advertising

Plantskydd Repellent is promoted extensively with advertising and “New Product” features placed in consumer and trade publications.

Customer Service 1-800-252-6051

TOLL FREE 1-800 number service, available throughout North America, is found on all Plantskydd packaging and collateral materials. Gives your customers easy, direct access to our knowledgeable Plantskydd Customer Service Representatives, who can answer any questions regarding the use of Plantskydd Repellent. This service leads to high levels of “customer satisfaction” and repeat business for you!

Internet Promotion

  • Our website Dealer Locator Map will direct Plantskydd Repellent customers in your area to your store, meaning more sales for you!

  • Gardeners, landscapers and professional growers increasingly use the internet to search for products to help them solve their plant protection problems. Plantskydd Repellentcontinually ranks high (first page) on internet searches for: deer, rabbit, elk, moose and animal repellents.
  • Internet Search Engine ‘sponsored listings’  advertise Plantskydd 24 / 7  to your potential customers.


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