Plantskydd is uniquely designed to keep herbivores like deer from eating your plants.

Here’s how you know it’s them getting into your garden:

  • Deer don’t have upper incisors so they must jerk or tear plants when feeding.
  • Deer leave a jagged or torn surface on leaves and stems.
  • Deer can damage a whole hedge overnight.
  • A telltale sign of deer presence is arborvitaes that look like lollipops after winter from deer browsing.
  • It can happen to hollies, yews, rhododendrons and other plants.

Did you know?

Deer can jump up to 10 feet high and have a homeland range which can span 30 miles depending on food availability.

We Recommend

To keep mischievous deer away from your garden, use our liquid RTU or powder concentrate to cover plants above 2 feet.  For extra protection, use our granular around the perimeter.

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