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Proven by independent research to out-last and out-perform all other repellents!

Plantskydd® is highly effective in protecting plants from damage by deer, elk rabbits and hares.

person-woman-summer-girlSAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS

Plantskydd is organic, non-toxic, and is not harmful to humans, animals or the environment. Plantskydd is Swedish for ‘plant protection’, where is was first developed to protect it’s vast tree plantations.

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Plantskydd was the first animal repellent OMRI listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute as suitable for use in the production of organic food and is USDA approved for organic gardening.OMRI New


As an added benefit, Plantskydd Animal Repellent acts as a foliar feed fertilizer (12N) for many types of plants. Plantskydd’s active ingredient, has long been recognized as an organic fertilizer. Studies performed by Pennsylvania State University showed that the use of Plantskydd on a variety of flowering plants resulted in a fertilizing effect.

flowers-treated-untreated“All plants tested that were treated with Plantskydd were larger, had more flowers and generally had greener leaves. This response is typical of the response created by an increased level of fertilization.”

E. Jay Holcomb,
Professor of Floriculture Department of Horticulture,
Pennsylvania State University

Mary Machon of Ben Sell Greenhouse in Toledo, OH talks about Plantskydd RTU Liquid Spray

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