Peter Derano


Plantskydd! The only deer and rabbit repellent recommended

by Peter Derano, author of

“Creating a Deer and Rabbit Proof Garden”.


“Most deer repellent sprays have a 30-40% success ratio, on rabbits, in my experience. Recently, there have been some repellents made that are both deer and rabbit repellent.

You will also find “rabbit only”, repellents on the market. This has a fairly good effect on deterring rabbits, but has no impact on deer. Having said this and having tested the “dual” performers that claim to work on both deer and rabbits, I have found mixed success, excluding one spray which I found to be a great performer for repelling both deer and rabbit.

I would recommend a product called Plantskydd. This has a high success rate on deer and rabbit, as well as elk. It also works well in deterring chipmunk and squirrel. What is most interesting about Plantskydd is that it is the only spray that I have used that does not require changing to another type of spray every month or so, in order to prevent deer from acquiring a taste for it. I mentioned in the deer section of this book, how important it is to change spray brands (ingredients) to baffle deer. Since writing that section of the book, I have tested Plantskydd for 4 months consecutively and it is working well. I will continue to test it, but for now I would recommend it for both deer and rabbit as a deterrent. Their website will have the dealer locations by state.”

Peter Derano
September 2009
Author: Creating a Deer & Rabbit Proof Garden
3rd Editon, p. 12



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