Bulk Size — 10 kg / 22 lb—Plantskydd Powder Concentrate / Commercial Applications


22 lbs(10 kg) BULK – Plantskydd Soluble Powder Concentrate (mix-your-own)

  • For year round control of deer, rabbits and elk.
  • Protects over 9000 plants/seedlings 1 ft high. Rainfast in 24 hours.
  • Application frequency: Active growing season (2-4 weeks), Dormant Season (3-6 months). Bulbs (spray or dip before planting).
  • Made in the USA

Large forest industry cooperators in the USA, Canada, and Sweden have confirmed Plantskydd’s effectiveness in mitigating browsing damage by deer, elk, and rabbits, on hundreds of millions of conifer and deciduous seedlings and trees of various species.

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