Plantskydd® Repellents are the most cost-effective, and environmentally safe, animal repellents available. Proven to be #1 most tested, #1 most effective, and #1 longest lasting animal repellents you can buy.

  • PROVEN by independent research to out-last and out-perform all other-repellents— up to 6 months over-winter!
  • EFFECTIVE against deer, rabbits, elk, moose, chipmunk, squirrels, nutria, opossum, and mountain beaver.
  • RAIN-RESISTANT — no need to re-apply after every rainfall.
  • SAFE for use in vegetable gardens, on fruit trees and food crops.
  • OMRI Listed® ORGANIC — first animal repellent listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for food production.
  • 2 FORMULATIONS for maximum effectiveness and user convenience.

Plantskydd is safe for children and pets.


Plantskydd is the only repellent that works!

We have lots of deer in our area so we have used all of the deer repellents out there. Plantskydd is the only one that has done the job for us!!!! It not only does the job, it keeps doing the job after many rains so it does not need to be reapplied all the time…. View Article

Our landscaper recommended this product

We live in a wooded area and the deer were eating our newly planted (deer-proof!) native planting! Our landscaper recommended this product. Once we sprayed, the deer stayed away from all of the plants that had been sprayed. The great thing about this product is that it does not need to be re-applied after every… View Article

Plantskydd WORKS!!!

I have tried about every product out there but this is the only deer repellent product that really works. P. Barber
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